Saturday Market Prep
February 11, 2012, 1:31 am
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Paul works.  I am stuck, 7 hrs away with our Little, and he works.  Market tomorrow. Union Square Greenmarket, Manhattan, NY.  As every Saturday goes.  He/we come with our products to sell in the city – we sell, we chat, we educate, we laugh.  I am envious of him heading in and I’m sure he would like to be snuggled up with the Little, playing.  Greener grass and all that… 

Friday is a day of bustle.  Wash eggs, pack eggs, trips to the butcher, pre-orders assembled, resaurant orders accounted for – chicken and some requested mutton,  pack the tent, the table, the scales. Regular chores – collect eggs, feed, water, one last check on the mama ewes. Tweet, facebook, email, website – “Heirloom Pork tomorrow!”, “Organically fed Naturally Colorful Eggs”, “Belle Rouge chicken”… we merge the worlds of small farmer and social media. I’ll do what I can to help from far away and, if he’s lucky, Paul will find some sleep.