Another year gone…
April 30, 2014, 6:03 pm
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39. I’m winding up my 4th decade over the next 365 days. My head spins a little when I look back at what I’ve done and where it’s led me… I am no where I thought I’d be and everywhere I should and growing and changing everyday. I still stumble, I still make mistakes but I can say I’m sorry and admit I am wrong or, at least, that there is the possibility that my “way” isn’t the only way. I know that people have their negative opinions of me but that nothing I can say matters to those who choose to hold those opinions like pitchforks and torches. I am loved. I am doing good in the world. I love my children as the people they are now and who they will become, whatever it is they choose. I know *they* know how much they are loved and that all that matters to me, and them. They are proud of me, and I of them – every single day. I am still passionate and creative and terribly stubborn. I have found a level of love from my partner I didn’t believe could exist, an open-mind I didn’t inherit and a peace and strength in knowing I get back up every.single. time. I am resilient, I know my worth, I am fertile (Good God am I fertile). I have created life, I have created food, I have created a home over and over and over. It has taken me 39 years and countless lessons to create a life where I am still honing my skills at content and happy and fulfilled. And it’s kind of awesome¬†