February 8, 2012, 9:37 pm
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Lamb #3 was born on Sunday.  A strong, healthy boy who was jumping and playing by afternoon.  Two males, one female so far. They are enjoying their new digs, a pleasantly mild winter and the fresh from the yard hay that our friendly neighbor baled, but you can almost guarantee the rest of the swollen bellied mamas will attempt to hold out for the coldest, worst weathered, middle of the night winter still has left to offer.  Otherwise, they wouldn’t be sheep.

Growth.  We’ve had lots of growth in the two years since we’ve met…  personally, in our family and ourselves, and business.  We can say we raise what we do in the best way we can, as kind as we can and that we would never hesitate to feed our own children.  We are a new generation of farmers, farming by choice.  Farming because we enjoy it, because it is important to us – to feed and be fed in so many ways.

We are ready for growth, again.  When I finally am able to make the farm home – we are ready.  Paul’s myriad of wild and, often, genius ideas will be sifted through and my nuts and bolts, number cruncher self will bring fruition to my Frankenfarmer’s ideas and there will be new.  New food, new methods – we’ll listen and watch and do and grow.

Hello world!
February 4, 2012, 2:58 am
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Market tomorrow.  I have missed market for the last several weeks, stuck in the waiting pattern of Maine.  I am anxious and excited to go back to the buzz of Union Square on an unseasonably warm February day with little Trev. 

I have spent the last couple of days with Paul on the farm, getting ready for the new lambs that are bound to all decide to come on a Friday night during a snowstorm – as they often do.  The new place is amazing.  I still can’t fathom 200 acres, even when looking at it.  We often ‘forget’ about the 20 acres across the street that belong to the farm as well.  The animals have settled in.  The pigs are grazing intensely out behind their own barn.  The chickens have decided to overtake their entire barn, including hay storage.  This overtaking amounts to what Ava calls, “The best. Easter. Egg. Hunt. EVER!”.   The ducks have found every puddle and bathe happily.  The sheep are snug inside for baby season, eating hay cut fresh from the field. 

And Paul and I dream.  Of where and what we’ll expand to next.  Of the logistics of all that expansion brings.  But we want to get better.  We listen.  To what we read, what we hear, what people may want or need, of our kids and their options with what we are building.  Paul is my dreamer, my inventor – I am the nuts and bolts, the marketing, the nerd.  We collided through a wild set of circumstances and two very long years to get to where we are now – on the verge of growth in so many ways.  He is my partner, my friend, my love and together we will do great things.  We hope you take the ride with us…

LAMB COUNT 2012:  2