Crabby farmers
September 5, 2015, 4:06 am
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I get an unusual number of people that come to my stand and start in, with wrinkled noses and squinched eyes… “that farmer at (so and so)”, they’ll whisper, “I was *just* asking questions and they YELLED at me! I’m never going there again!” sigh. I digress…

It’s 10:51pm on a Friday night of a holiday weekend and I have *just* finished packing the bus to make the trek to the city. I started working at 9am and haven’t stopped. I am worried about how much customer traffic there will/not be, if i have forgotten anything, if the kids will stay asleep for the drive… did I pack (xyz)?… I am already spending money I don’t have for bills that keep coming anyway. Yesterday, it was 7:15a when the littlest decided she’d had enough sleep, so I got up and started working again. I stopped with my last email and text shortly after midnight. I think you may see where this is going.

I may catch a catnap on a school bus seat (yeah, let that sink in) in a rest stop, but otherwise, there is no sleep until sometime around 10 tomorrow night. Every. Single. Week.

Am I complaining? Griping, a little, maybe, but I do this job because I absolutely love it. It feeds my soul. I do it for my kids, my customers, my restaurants and myself… As are most of those crabby assed farmers you run into on a Saturday morning. They most likely didn’t roll out of a bed, well rested, after a week filled with lunchbreaks and a paycheck. Most are farming by choice because it feeds them. They are probably stubborn as hell and you should thank them for being so.

If not stubborn and soul fed by farming, I swear there would be no one left farming. It’s exhausting. There never seems to be enough money or time or things that aren’t broken. Crops fail, animals that become cannabalistic, the feed delivery – again – that is going to cost a bazillion dollars, again. But we get up, determined to get it right next time, tomorrow, next week. We apologize a hundred times a market day for the real, unsubsidized costs or raising and growing good for you food. And sometimes we don’t sleep. And sometimes we’re cranky. Stupid cranky.

So maybe bring a coffee to your favorite, bags under their eyes, farmer. Say thanks, if you don’t already. Think about how to pose your question (but please still ask!) just a little more gently at 8am. And maybe you could cut just a little slack to Mr/s Crabbypants farmer because you may not know what they’ve done to get there to bring food to you.

And maybe approach all your life that way. That distracted driver, the grocery store clerk who wasn’t as pleasant as you would have liked. Very few people begin a conversation of niceties with, “my best friend has cancer” or, “my newborn cried all night”, or “I don’t know if I want to wake up tomorrow”.

We’re human, we have faults and problems and trials. You have the chance, everyday, to choose how you react and your reaction just may mean more to someone than you ever imagined. 😚

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We could all use a dose of consideration. Too many people can’t imagine that OTHER people have lives and things that are affecting them before they met. It isn’t personal, it is a moment in time.

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